Portfolio Art

Portfolio development art classes are designed to teach fundamental drawing and painting skills using both direct observation and imagination. Our extensive experience and professional knowledge allow us to offer guidance for course requirements and preparation for top art schools in Canada and the United States.

Fine Art
architecture design
interior design
industrial design
graphic design
fashion design


“I highly recommend taking classes here, not only just for the students who need help preparing portfolios but also for anyone who wants to learn the art for fun. I have improved my skills greatly with their help and was able to get into my top-choice school.”

Hyesoo K. Student

Interior Design

“They helped me develop independent skills and improve my portfolio. I highly recommend this art class for students who want to expand their art skills further. The teachers are very supportive and friendly!”

Joanna J. Student

Fine Art

“Toronto Art is the best art class I've ever been to, and I highly recommend taking classes there. They are extremely informative and professional, and I recommend anyone preparing for their portfolios.”

Yoona J. Student

Toronto Art

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