Life drawing

Instructed Life Drawing class is designed to teach you the basic understanding and essential skills of gesture drawings, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced artist interested in animation, fine art, illustration, architecture, or any other art-related field. This fundamental figure drawing course covers everything you need to know to draw the human figure, which is the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding subject you can draw.  Once you understand the basic skills, the course becomes more fun and exciting.

Life Drawing

During the 3-hour session.

1 Minutes guestures
2 Minutes guestures
3 Minutes guestures
5 Minutes guestures
sustained drawings


We provide all the materials.

drawing board
Drawing Donkey
newsprint pad
charcoal stick
conté stick

Instructed life drawing

Our figure drawing class is designed for students interested in developing observational skills through direct drawing from live model poses. We teach various elements, including structure, artistic anatomy, contour lines, and dynamic gestures. The classes begin with short warm-up gestures and then progress to longer, more sustained poses.

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Summer intensive classes (June, July & August 2024)

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