Toronto Art has successfully guided many students into the animation field. We take pride in the fact that many of them have gained acceptance into Sheridan Animation. Through our accumulated expertise in understanding animation prerequisites and supporting students in attaining their animation aspirations, we are fully equipped to assist you in pursuing admission to renowned animation schools.


“With the help of teachers, my daughter finally got an offer from Sheridan Animation. Big thanks to Janet and her team. I also highly recommend this school to anyone in need.”

Blad T. Parents

“The teachers at Toronto Art were amazingly helpful. they gave me great advice. I got into Sheridan animation thanks to them!! great experience.”

Amelia C. Student

“It was a wonderful experience. The teachers, with great techniques, did their best to guide me. This school will be the best place to learn for you and will definitely support you.”

Myung K. Student

“I came here for help with my portfolio. I was encouraged to apply to both Sheridan and Seneca's animation programs and got accepted into both.”

Arin N. Student

“I was a student who went to Toronto Art for approximately 6 months. I applied for the Sheridan Animation program and got an offer. Thank you, Toronto Art, for helping out with my portfolio :)”

Jonathan S. Student

“I had such a positive experience here at Toronto Art. They helped me grow my artistic abilities and get into Sheridan Animation. I am eternally grateful for this beautiful place. Five stars!!!!”

John A. Student

“I went to Toronto Art at the end of last year to build my portfolio and apply for Sheridan's Animation program in 2023 and got an offer. Thank you to the teachers for being so accommodating and supportive; I am very grateful :)”

Tracy T. Student

“I'm happy to say that I was left very satisfied and achieved the goal when joining! I recently got accepted into Sheridan. I recommend it to anyone seeking a competitive art program.”

Sarah W. Student

“I started making my portfolio for the animation program, which helped me greatly through the process. Not only did I get the offer for my first choice, but I could grow as an artist as I learned so much from the teachers.”

MH C. Student

“They've helped me get into the college I wanted to attend and provided me with mountains of knowledge I'm going to need for the future. For people who are going into animation like me, I would recommend Toronto Art.”

Joby G. Student

Sheridan Animation

The courses include dedicated time for critiques and feedback. You will be encouraged to share your animations for review, and the instructor will provide feedback and suggestions for improvement.


hand drawing
character rotation
interior perspective
Exterior perspective
short animation
figure drawing
personal art

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